Hi and welcome to my photoblog. I'm Mark, a 42 years old gay guy, living in Switzerland and loving to be naked as much as possible. This is a collection of photos showing life as I dream of it. There's not much sexual activity, but there are lots and lots of penises, some of them erect. So if you don't want to see pictures of nude men, or if you are not old enough to be allowed to, you should leave. Some photos are made by myself, most of them are made by much better photographers. Some show myself, most of them show much better looking models. I only own the the pictures I shot myself, everything else is reblogged from other tumblr sites. If you want me to remove anything that belongs to you, just let me know. If you want to see more of my (and only my) stuff, visit my other blog NAKED-MARK.TUMBLR.COM. And get in touch if you like. I'd love to make contact with other naked guys! :-)

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